Top 10 Books I’ve Read In 2011

People are always asking me what I am reading. Here is a list of books that I have read this year that I have loved. (In no particular order)-

10. Choosing To Love The World– Thomas Merton

A beautiful and academic look at the ways people can move into society and love what is really in front of you.

9. The Inner Voice of Love– Henri Nouwen

A great spiritual guide into the inner life. A great resource into a deeper and more loving union with God, others, and ourselves.

8. Reforming The Doctrine Of God– Leron Shults

Probably the most brilliant theologian alive right now, and a book I’ll probably have to re-read several times. This is a reconstruction of systematic theology with different categories. I think he will be the Karl Barth of this century. The theologian that every academic has to wrestle with.

7. The End of Evangelicalism?– David Fitch

A brilliant deconstruction of Evangelical culture, belief, with a therapeutic psychoanalytic for exhausted Evangelicals.

6. Resident Aliens– Stanley Hauerwas

There is a reason Hauerwas was voted the most important theologian of our time. This work on the work of Christians within society, and in community is his classic.

5. The Politics of Jesus– John Howard Yoder

The main inspiration for Hauerwas. This is Yoder’s pinnacle work. He brilliantly works through the teachings of community, movement, and non-violence through the life of Jesus.

4.Spiral Dynamics– Don Beck

A awe driven look into human consciousness. Beck reveals the ways in which we can reshape society through an evolution of human growth.

3.Scripture And The Authority of God– N.T Wright

A wonderfully written book, with the wisdom, and knowledge of one of the most important theologians alive. His tenderness, tackles a sensitive but important issue surrounding the Bible and it’s role in our lives and Church.

2. The Source of Life– Jurgen Moltmann

An absolutely wonderful book on the theology of the Holy Spirit. Few people will ever be able to convey theology as deeply and beautifully as Jurgen Moltmann. He is the master of teaching living theology.

1. Falling Upward– Richard Rohr

In my opinion, especially being 24, this is the most important book any spiritually curious person my age can read. Rohr will lead many people from the first half of life into the second half of life. He will help launch us into deeper meaning, love, and service to the world.


6 thoughts on “Top 10 Books I’ve Read In 2011

  1. Hey Mike,
    Great list. Can you narrow it down to the top three? Better yet, which one was your favorite?
    Happy New Year, Friend!

  2. Thanks for following me on twitter. Congratulations for your blog. @ricardotucas

  3. Tim Savaloja says:

    Thanks for the helpful list, Mike.

  4. […] for me to thank people who put the book in their Top Books 2011 like Scott Boren, Scott Emery , Mike Friesen, and of course Scot McKnight’s Jesus Creed Books of the Year. Several tweeters twitted it as […]

  5. Mike – Oh great – my husband already thinks is the anti-Christ and with every terrific top 10 book list…he’s beginning to associate those who publish those lists as ‘spawns of Satan.’ I’m just saying….

    Terrific list – I read Beck’s Spiral Dynamics this year and have a few in my ‘to read’ pile and some I haven’t seen. Thanks for sharing!

    Director/Center for Global Studies
    Johnson University

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