My New Years Resolutions

For the past week I have been contemplating this quote by Thomas Merton, ““Ask me not where I live or what I like to eat . . . Ask me what I am living for and what I think is keeping me from living fully that.” It seems like an appropriate thought when it comes to making resolutions for a new year. In 2011, I feel very comfortable in knowing that I believe I have found my vocation in helping others find spiritual and personal liberation for their lives. The question for me is how do I continue into a richer depth and understanding for what that might mean.


Here is what I have I planned:

Discipline (my main theme of 2011)

-Continuing education (whatever that might look like… Academic, spiritual direction, personal formation)

-Writing (I have learned a lot over the past three years… Having read several hundred books and doing spiritual seeking through love and trials, I need to write this down)

-Exercise. I work 2-3 times a week but I’d like to move closer to five times.



-I’d like to be more decisive. I live in a network of indecisive people. Most people don’t care what you do of where you go, someone just needs to decide (and remain open to disagreement).

– I have built a group of three or four people that I feel very close to. I’d like to keep sustaining this. This is more than enough for my life. Though if I find people who are on the same level in maturity, spiritually, and in reciprocity of the relationship, I’d consider adding more.

– I’d like to give more of myself away to help others who might need help.



-I’d like to read at least a book a week.

-I’d like to finally average over four hours of sleep a day.

-I’d like to add around 30lbs of muscle (why, I’m not sure)

-I want to visit many churches in my area to see the variety of church experiences.

-I’d like to smoke more cigars.


2 thoughts on “My New Years Resolutions

  1. sounds like a great list. don’t be too hard on yourself if you fail. i made it a resolution to play guitar and it took me 4 new years resolutions later to actually begin. keep trying. as a fellow Christian brother – may I suggest a Macanudo cigar. they are about 8 bucks a piece but well worth every cent. it has been almost 10 years since i have had one, but i liked it. love your posts, they are encouraging to this pastor. God bless.

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