Get Off Your Butt And Help Someone Pt.3

I believe that serving others for God’s sake is a beautiful thing. The difference between serving others for God’s sake and serving others for others’ sake is the difference between lived reality vs. experienced reality. One of the most important things that people can be taught in this life (although it’s not much of a teaching) is how to experience their experiences. Most of us (dare I say all of us?) are not in tune with reality. We have become so addicted to our thoughts, our emotions, our control mechanisms, that we don’t experience the world as it really is. The only people who seem to be in touch with reality are those who have experienced great love and/or great suffering. Love and suffering are the only things that will open the world to the reality of what it truly is.

When we learn to serve the world for the sake of others we experience reality as God intended it to be. In service of others we begin to perceive the world for the beauty and the horror that it truly is. In experienced reality, we can begin to serve others out of a love and compassion that can only be revealed through having ourselves broken for it and awakened in it. We serve others because we recognize their need and we want to meet it. We are vulnerable enough to look into their eyes and glare into their soul. We are met with some sort of grief, frustration and are compelled to do something about it. Gladly so as well. This reality is the reality where one can experience God for who God truly is. We are moved by what moves God. We fall in love with what God falls in love with. We are introduced to not only a great tenderness but indeed a righteous anger. An anger that shows us that something is broken and we have to work alongside God to change it.


One thought on “Get Off Your Butt And Help Someone Pt.3

  1. nayef says:

    christianity nowadays is not like christianity at the time of jesus may God exalt his mention. we have a pure religion which we should all follow. it is islam

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