Why Mark Wahlberg Gets Christianity…

When I watched this video, it seemed to me that Mark Wahlberg seems to get the life of faith. We could nit pick on details here and there (he’s an actor not a pastor or theologian), but he seems to recognize that faith and works are not separated. Mark seems to take very seriously not only his work as an actor, but as a father, and to his community. He also seems to get that faith doesn’t come from a bed of roses (most people don’t really find faith until their backs are up against the wall… They don’t need it until then.) I actually really like Mark Wahlberg. I loved The Fighter and The Other Guys, I really enjoyed the Italian Job but I really enjoy hearing Christians, especially public Christians, who seem to get that faith transforms all of your life. The life received then gives the life back.


4 thoughts on “Why Mark Wahlberg Gets Christianity…

  1. Yvonne Shek says:

    Nice! Thanks for sharing this.

  2. mygospellife says:

    So glad to hear when Hollywood is being being placed under the foot of the Cross. Praying for Mark’s skills and heart to further increase.

  3. Andy says:

    Wow. Had no idea. I’m like you, I really think he articulated his faith-life very well. Definitely changes the way I look at him and what he is trying to accomplish.

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