Is The Sinner’s Prayer Necessary?

Without dismissing The Sinner’s Prayer, we also must understand its limited purpose. So you surrender your life to God…. okay, now what? Saying a prayer doesn’t certify our salvation, there is more light, more reign, more transformation left to happen. It’s a first step but there are more steps left. I don’t even think this is necessary, there is a daily surrender. You surrendered your life to him (maybe through this prayer), but it is a daily surrender.


4 thoughts on “Is The Sinner’s Prayer Necessary?

  1. jonstolpe says:

    I don’t normally jump in on controversial posts like this, but can you tell me where The Sinner’s Prayer appears in the Bible?

  2. M.J. Teston says:

    Yup? There is a certain weirdness about such a “prayer” when too often the insister on such a prayer dismisses the “Lord’s Prayer” as repetitious when found the best I can determine on the lips of Jesus in scripture. Just a tad bit of irony.

  3. DSchmidt says:

    Maybe such a prayer is–for some, at least–a good starting point, a stake in the ground, or a framed picture on the wall. But like you say–it’s at best a start, a step toward the “daily surrender” that is all part of ‘conversion’.

  4. Nan says:

    Love. Love. Love.
    He should title it, Tenses and Trash.

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