Inspiration For Writing

I know some writers who will read classic literature to help them construct a poetic style and a framework of story to help them become writers. Weirdly, I enjoy listening to hip-hop because rappers have a way with rhyme and flow, and creative work with combing the two to help create a fusion of words with music. There’s something about rhythmic music that helps set a pace and tone for creating something new.


(Whether you like Eminem or not, he has an ability, displayed here, to create an interesting array of words to make a rhyme.)


2 thoughts on “Inspiration For Writing

  1. Nics Cahill says:

    Totally agree Mike. He is one of the literary talents of our generation. Heard him live once he’s angry but his use of words wow. Do you know he read the dictionary for fun growing up!

  2. Nics Cahill says:

    Also Seamus Heaney has had good things to say about him in the past. When that Poet talks I listen! Are you a Seamus Heaney fan?

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