Did Jesus Exist? (A Response To Zeitgeist)

A few years ago I watched the movie Zeitgeist after a friend of mine passed it onto me. I watched it and had a lot of questions. Luckily, I had been reading some books on historical Jesus theology (if this interests you, I’d check out Greg Boyd’s The Jesus Legend). While I was able to respond to this friend with historical Jesus studies, I was not able to deconstruct zeitgeist as well as Bruxy Cavey. Here is a sermon he did on Zeitgeist below (sorry for the video break up). I also posted the Zeitgeist movie below because they should challenge the analysis of these videos below.






One thought on “Did Jesus Exist? (A Response To Zeitgeist)

  1. […] was a historical Paul shows that even in their treatment of figures connected with Christianity, there is significant inconsistency in how most mythicists deal with evidence or apply their argument…. Tags: Dan Barker, David Fitzgerald, Earl Doherty, epistles, historical, history, Jesus, Josephus, […]

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