Paul Rudd, Carl Jung, And God

One of my favorite movies over the past few years is Forgetting Sarah Marshall (I love Jason Segal). One of the funniest characters in the movie, albeit a small role, is played by Paul Rudd. He plays a pothead surfing instructor. This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie.

Over the past year, I have been reading several books by the Swiss psychologist Carl Jung. I saw this clip from an interview with Carl Jung a while back and very much appreciated it.

I think that beliefs are very sticky. While I believe that beliefs have their role in the spiritual journey, they also get in the way.Some people are so addicted to their belief in God, that they never truly “know” God. Rigid belief structure, I am convinced, are more for us than they are for God. Because the militant adherence to a belief has more to do with us than it does with God. God doesn’t need us to defend God.

I agree with Kunu, sometimes the less you do, the more you do. Sometimes people need to know, that it is more about knowing God, than believing in him. It’s more about loving God, then defending him. I don’t think God wants us to believe in him, I think God wants us to love God. Likewise, I don’t think wants us to believe we are loved, I think he wants us to know we are loved. Building beliefs can often create more work than to do our simple task of loving and being loved by God.


3 thoughts on “Paul Rudd, Carl Jung, And God

  1. blissphil says:

    I do so ‘love’ your writing Mike.
    Thank you.

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