Facebook, Cyber Bullying, Human Trafficking

I love this video because it really attacks the irresponsibility that can be created by technology. I think of cyber bullying. Who is responsible? Is it the kid who sent it? Is it Facebook because they didn’t create some form of censorship? Is it the parents job to watch over what their kids are sending on Facebook? Should there be someone watching these things to make sure nothing inhumane filters through? Was it the kid receiving the message because he accepted the friend request or didn’t block the person sending the message? Yes, bad people do bad things. No kid should bully another kid. I definitely do not believe the kid being bullied is to blame. The kid who sent the message should not have sent it, yet, the system in which it is sent through is not questioned.There are corrupt people, but there are also corrupt capacities to systems. At some point, you have to not only look at the evil person, but also the evil system. Our brains are meant to absorb the culture in which we live in, and, this generation has social media as a large part of its culture. Sometimes, you have to look at a system that might keep producing evil results. For instance, who’s job is it to stop human trafficking on Facebook?

For the record, I am for Facebook. I love the capacity that social media can do to bring people together, but there are kinks in our social media system. As Marshall McLuhan once said, “We become what we behold. We shape our tools, and thereafter our tools shape us.” What kind of social media do we want to create?


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