South Park On God

While I think this video clip is terribly blasphemous, I think it gets at the heart of one of the terrible dichotomies that Christians live in. How can the God of the Old Testament be so mean and cold, while Jesus can be so loving and compassionate? I am aware that many people have a view of God much like South Park (maybe, not as graphic or colorfully descriptive). The mindset here is: God is overwhelmingly disappointed in us, he’s happy about people burning in hell, a God who is looking to wipe out people for their mistakes. I am grateful that we can begin with Jesus and as he says, “When you see me, you see the father.” Or, we can begin a theology with the wisdom of Alan Hirsch, “It is not just that Christ is God-like, but that God is Christlike.”

Greg Boyd wrote a great blog on reconciling Jesus and the God of the Old Testament. Greg begins with this, and I agree, “The more clearly one sees the unconditional and completely non-violent nature of God’s love, revealed in Christ, the more difficult and the more important this problem is to resolve.” And, Greg ends with this thought:

“I’ll leave you with this teaser thought: Is it possible that some divinely inspired material is not supposed to reveal to us what God is like but what he is not like? Is it possible that some material is inspired precisely because God wants us to follow Jesus’ example and repudiate it?

Abraham believed God told him to sacrifice his child, yet he trusted that God was not really like the bloodthirsty Canaanite god Molech and thus would not make him follow through with his request, even though he had no choice but to move forward in obedience. He trusted thatw God would supply the commanded sacrifice , if only at the last minute (Gen. 22:8).”

Maybe, you don’t believe that this needs to be reconciled, and this is all food for thought. Or, maybe if you are like me, you are searching for reconciliation from some of the struggles of the Old Testament. Anyways, I think Greg has a great response to the God we see portrayed through South Park.


3 thoughts on “South Park On God

  1. M.J. Teston says:


  2. alifesanctified says:

    Yet Kenny rises from the dead in every episode like Jesus … although I haven’t watched South Park in the last few years – did Kenny finally actually die? I’ve been studying this God of the old testament compared to God of the New Testament for a couple months now. I often wonder – if Adam and Eve hadn’t sinned in the Garden, would there have been a need for Jesus to incarnate as man? Or would someone somewhere eventually have sinned? EG – how quickly the Israelites decided to turn to a new god and make idols just because Moses went up the mountain for a few days). Its kind of like the question – since the stars are X-number of light-years away and most likely have died already how amazing that we are still seeing “shine” of objects that no longer physically exist. Yes, Virginia, their minds are blown. Thanks, Mike, for another interesting post.

  3. Frank says:

    I guess the difficulty is that we are told to understand a God who has acted for thousands (hundreds?) of years through the life of a man who lived thirty years. Is Jesus God’s attempt to change the way we see him? Is God a better God as a human than as a god/God? It seems to me to be an attempt to say, “Hey, look at my son whose better than me, I’m like him.” Did we have him wrong the whole time?

    Just thinking “out loud”.

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