Should Kids Go To Public Schools?

I trust that most parents will know what their kids need, but there are new routes to education that we didn’t (at least as accessibly) have before like charter schools, online education, etc…  I am convinced that the problems we face today need new solutions, and if we begin thinking in new ways, we’ll keep producing the same problems that we’re in.

I am not saying that public education is all bad (I am a product of it), but could it be better? And, is it the best choice with the growing options around us. Not everyone can afford private school, and not everyone can home school, so the least we can do is bring awareness to problems that public schools create, in hopes to reform it.

I think what we need to create a culture of learning, not a culture of memorizing. We need more curious people.


5 thoughts on “Should Kids Go To Public Schools?

  1. It’s a relevant question, but one that of course, cannot be answered in a blanket statement. We live in an area where most of the schools are great, so it helps us make the choice to send them to public schools. I am a product of Christian and Public school systems and I have considered homeschooling (did it for a year when #3 was in kindergarten).

    We are committed to our kids foundational training and to the culture of our family as we seek to honor God – So, we keep our kids in public school. There they can be (and are) lights and seasoning of grace and hope in a world–their world–that needs it so much. They are strong in their faith, loving Jesus on terms they understand rather than inheriting their Christianity (or rebelling against it).

    I firmly believe that you don’t cover a light under a bowl, because then the light goes out. We have a junior, a freshman, a fourth grader and a first grader — so we’re running the gamut of what public schools have to offer 🙂

  2. Brook says:

    In my opinion , Christian schools shouldn’t exist. Why remove your kids from the world? It only instilled in them from a young age a deep sense of dualism

  3. I was very pleased to find this site. I definitely enjoyed reading every little bit of it and I have it bookmarked to check out new stuff posted regularly.

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