Developing Millennial Christianity Pt.3

When two people fall in love, their brains are doused in the chemicals dopamine and oxytocin. These are the chemicals used to feel all of the good feelings that come with falling in love. They’re infatuated, they’re enamored with the other person, and that person is ideal. Their eyes and minds are blurred and they can’t quite comprehend that the person they’re with might actually be imperfect. Five, six, seven months pass by and all of a sudden we catch a glimpse of this person’s not so perfect tendencies. And, sometimes there are people who become addicted their dopamine and oxytocin insurgence; that they actually become addicted to “love.” Whereas the real love is not found in the first few months (it’s not a bad start however!) but it is found when things are not as good, where the person is not quite as attractive, and you are annoyed with their presence. Love here, is true love, because it is not naïve.

In the same way, my generation has a great deal of doubt. They’re not so naïve to the damages done in the name of religion (at least the previous generations exoteric form of it). I think that my generation, because of it’s pluralistic/relativistic worldview, not only doubts their beliefs, but they doubt their doubts. In order to get out of their worldview, as I have mentioned, it is necessary to learn discernment so we can actually learn to integrate. Doubting everything you see and hear can make you want to go back to that naïve love, because at least that isn’t as painful and angst-filled as the awareness of how flawed things can actually be.

What my generation needs is not more doubt, nor do they need an injection of naïve religiosity and spirituality, what they need is a healthy confidence in a spirituality and religion that works. They need the skills of exposing the false realities learned through their times of pluralism/relativism, but they need the healthy skill of discernment used in integration. Without it, we will dissolve into a hopeless and angry worldview of ourselves and the world around us. If my generation is going to survive everything the world is going through, they will need hope and life to carry them through.


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