Empire & Neighborhood (Walter Brueggemann)


One thought on “Empire & Neighborhood (Walter Brueggemann)

  1. jdl says:

    The thing is, you can’t just recast the US as the modern day babylon/assyria/rome/greece. For goodness sake, there are huge differences. We have religious freedom, for the most part. We don’t commit genocides, or willfully crucify or burn large swaths of people as those empires did. Certainly, there are political interests and unintended consequences in foreign policy. That’s different than willful killing. Its unfair to make that comparison.

    You might observe therapeutic technological consumer militarism, but does that system have a hold on everyone in the US? I think its exaggerated. The notion that the resources flow to the elite at the expense of the lower class just doesn’t have a whole lot of merit in the grand scheme, especially when you do comparative studies. There’s much more reason for optimism, I think.

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