Choosing Love Over Anxiety

Every day we are faced with moments of despair, doubt, fear and self-rejection. In these moments when we do not see clearly, and lose sight of what is really important, it is all the more crucial to remember to choose love over anxiety. The restlessness of anxiety causes us to forget who we are and what we are here for.

For to choose to love someone is to choose to love myself. And, to think on their behalf is to think on my own behalf. In this way, loving someone becomes the greatest reward we could possibly receive. After all, to love my neighbor is to love myself. In this kind of love, we remember who we are as the beloved. We are choosing to not only give the gift of God’s presence to them, but we choose it for ourselves.

To pray for, to choose to love someone, is the greatest way to overcome our despair, doubt, fear, and self-rejection. In these moments, we move from hostility and become the presence of God’s hospitality. And, when we can receive God’s hospitality we are ushered into his gratitude for us, and we experience our own gratitude for those around us. The only cure for the fear that accompanies anxiety is love. Because perfect love casts out perfect fear.


5 thoughts on “Choosing Love Over Anxiety

  1. Lem Usita says:

    Nice. I’d love to hear more about the “loving self” concept – from your perspective. I like the connection that you make between loving others and loving self. They go together. Consequently, loving others is also connected to loving God.

    You know when it says that we shouldn’t think of ourselves more highly than we ought to – the converse of that means that we should think of ourselves. We don’t teach that part.

    Is there such a thing as commissioning a blog post? If there was such a thing, you have been commissioned. If you have a donate button to your blog, I’ll pay for it. Write that post and put that donate button on there. Use paypal.

    Okay – go!

    • Mike Friesen says:

      Hey Lem,
      I think that loving the self is in part learning to deal with our shame. If it is true that loving your neighbor is loving yourself, then it is also true that loving yourself is part of loving your neighbor. And, in order to love your neighbor your must receive the love that the neighbor offers to you. In order to do that, we must deem ourselves, or accept God’s deeming of us as worth of that love. So for all love to begin, it must begin with the fact that I am worthy of being loved. Also, therefore, worthy of loving another.

      One might say that receiving an invetory of what makes oneself lovable is what one should do, but I disagree. This term of self-esteem is a tricky one for me. Because to make an invetory of what makes me lovable might take away of who God is. If God is indeed the absolute, the perfect, the infinite source of love, then God’s love is an impossibility. It is impossible for God not to love me. So what makes me worthy of love is not me, but God. God loves me, so I can be worthy. I no longer need a self-esteem, what I need is a God-esteem. The source of the self is fragile, but God is infinite and won’t break.

      Anything thought provoking of that?

  2. Lem Usita says:

    Use those categories Son! “Uncategoriezed.” Really? Don’t you like getting yelled at and bossed around on in your comments section.

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