Important Resource For Parents of Struggling Young Adults

(Sorry for the blogging hiatus. I have been working through some personal exhaustion, life and spiritual transitions, and sifting through some new material that I am chewing on. I wanted to, however, share with you this important resource from my friend Corey Magstadt. Corey is the Executive Director of Launch Ministry, an organization that works with young adults who are struggling to find their way through life. Here is what Corey has to say and offer to you.)

You are not alone.

I speak those words often to parents of young adults as they share their stories of heartache with me.  At a recent support group, one parent shared how grateful she was for a place where she could admit that her 19-year-old son was in jail and be met with nods of understanding instead of unhelpful platitudes.

How uncomfortable would people be if a pre-service conversation went like this:

Greeter:  Good morning!  How are you today?

Parent: Not good.  I was up at 3:00 this morning bailing my son out of jail because he violated his probation and drove home drunk from a party. Yesterday my daughter told us that she is pregnant.  And I found a stash of marijuana in the garage but I haven’t pinned down who it belongs to yet.

Greeter: …Well…enjoy the service!

Sadly, our churches have often forgotten that one of the primary roles of the body of Christ is to be a hospital for sick and broken people.  We have often turned our worship gatherings into a time where the (outwardly) whole meet to affirm one another for how well life is going.

This is by no means a criticism of churches in general.  Many local bodies have remarkable ministry among hurting people and have created open space to allow parishioners to talk about real life issues.  However, the Sunday morning service does not seem to be the place where people have the space to dive into the really tough things that parents of young adults often face.

This is why a support group like this is necessary.  And we are excited to help you develop it in your own community.

What a You Are Not Alone support group offers:

  • Vibrant discussions on topics such as communication, conflict resolution, finances, faith and values, and much more
  • Parents finally having a place where they can honestly share the pain and frustrations that they have experienced with their adult children.
  • Opportunities for parents to share resources that have been helpful to meet real needs for their children.
  • New hope for the future as parents find peace and strength in one another and in Christ.

What it doesn’t offer:

  • Ten steps on how to parent your young adult. This is not a ‘how-to’ study. It is a support group.
  • Easy answers. There aren’t any. But as you journey together with other parents, you will find that the answers don’t matter as much as wrestling through the questions together.

You will need one copy of the Facilitator’s Guide for your group as well as one workbook for each participant. You can purchase the materials through Amazon or through the Launch Ministry website. Additionally, Corey Magstadt is available for speaking engagements or retreats in your community. Contact us here to let us know how we can help.

Free Downloads:

Workbook Sample Session

Facilitator’s Guide Sample Session


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